Watermelon Birthday Party

Lydia turned two this week! I can't even believe how big she is and the little lady she has become. She has the biggest personality and is talking so much! I just love her little voice. Some of her favorite things right now are swimming, Daniel Tiger, marshmallows, hikes, ducks, the slide at our neighborhood park, our cutest neighbor girls, rocks, and all her grandmas and grandpas. 

We are in Oregon for the week visiting Erik's family and had her birthday party at a park here in town. It was the perfect setting (they have huge "dinosaur bones" for all the kids to play with). I wanted to keep things pretty simple and so I chose to do a watermelon theme. Our sister-in-law Ameeta had her birthday just a couple days before so we included her as well. I thought these little watermelon cake in a jar were adorable and they were actually really easy to make. I just used boxed cake mix, added food coloring and baked them in a sheet pan. Then all you need is a round cookie cutter, and mason jars and your set. 

She was very spoiled and got some of the cutest gifts including some awesome books. I've linked to them below. We are so glad we could be with family and are very thankful for all of their help and love!

Snip Snap (Little Snappers)
By Jonthan Litton