Cute Kids Reading Books is a blog all about our favorite children's books and ways to get your little ones active. We have a passion for reading that we are very excited to pass along to our kids! Did you know that when a child starts Kindergarten they have a 100% interest level in reading but by 4th grade that interest in reading outside of school drops to 54% The Read-Aloud Handbook. Our goal is to get kids so excited about reading that they want to do it even when it's not required.  This love of reading is instilled early on in life. As first time moms we're very passionate about creating cute readers. We hope to catch them reading their book at the dinner table or even with a flashlight in their room because we've told them they have to go to bed! We hope to make reading so much fun that they never lose the love for it! 

Each Thursday we will post the book that will be featured the following week so you can head to the library or add it to your personal collection. Monday's will be all about the activities. There will be five activities that go along with the theme of the book, and are super simple and easy. 

Hold on to your egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, and popsicle sticks, a lot of our activities use household items.